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Rethinking Housing and City-Life in the Climate Era

Welcoming Spaces for All Ages of Life
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The Parisian metropolis, like other large cities, faces significant challenges: combating climate change and the collapse of biodiversity requires profound action on urban metabolism, transforming our mobility, and significantly slowing down the artificialization of our soils. A deep metamorphosis of the territories must thus take place without increasing the city’s footprint, by building “the city on the city”.

At the same time, the inhabitants of Île-de-France are confronted with a particularly acute housing crisis. The supply of housing is very insufficient, contributing to high rents and purchase prices. Housing, old or new, also does not meet the changes in lifestyles (in work, the relationship with nature…), demographics and the family.

How to deal with the housing crisis while integrating planetary limits? How does the metropolis evolve to meet the needs and desires of the Greater Parisian youth, and prepare to welcome an aging population? How do these challenges articulate with emerging conceptions of living, with commons, public space, the need for social ties and access to nature?

The 42nd international urban project management workshop in Cergy-Pontoise is a continuation of the 2023 workshop "Metamorphoses: Recomposing Cities and territories in the face of climate challenges", during which participants were invited to work on land artificialization and desirable density.

The workshop will take place for two weeks, in the Île-de-France region. After several days of visits and conferences, participants will work in teams to bring out innovative and illustrated collective proposals. They will be presented to an international jury at the end of the two-week workshop.

The workshop is open to students and young professionals up to 30 years old, from all disciplines and origins. The selection takes place through a call for applications, available online soon. The application consists of a form, a CV and a short personal work on the topic of the workshop. Participation in the workshop is voluntary. Accommodation, transportation, tours and most meals are covered by Les Ateliers.

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International workshop open to all students and young professionnals (age limit 30), from all disciplins and origins!



from Sept. 22, 2024
to Oct. 5, 2024

The call for applications will be available soon.


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