Nov. 26, 2020

The 37th Ile-de-France workshop 2019 : Happy Fringes

Villes, villages, hameaux dans les métropoles, comment faire de ces territoires des franges heureuses ?

The Happy Fringes synthesis is available !

The 37th Ile-de-France workshop, which took place in September 2019, looked at the territories beyond the fringes of the metropolis as potential spaces of resourcefulness. They may carry the ideal of a life close to nature, while remaining connected with the metropolis and its assets.

The topic of this workshop appears all the more relevant at the end of the year 2020, characterized by periods of lockdowns and dreams for natural spaces and a simpler pace of life. Teams of young professionals from all over the world were already proposing ways to experience these spaces at the border of the Parisian metropolis, while preserving their natural identity.

The publication of the Happy Fringes synthesis, written by the pilots of the workshop, Marie Chevillotte and Louis Moutard, is therefore right in time. Discover this transversal look on the topic and the proposals of the 2019 workshop teams (only available in french for now).