June 11, 2021

15 years of presence and experiences in Africa : Mobility and Transport

Discover the transversal publications of Les Ateliers, looking back on the african workshops. The third booklet is out, about Mobility and Transport !

In twenty workshops and fifteen years, Les Ateliers has created an important network of practitioners, local authorities, and territories in Africa. Approximately 350 participants from the continent and around the world, 400 members of international jury members and even more officials and associated local experts took part in these initiatives. They roamed the cities of ten countries, drawing plans and sketches on hundreds of meters of paper, and offered innovative and collective solutions to the identified urban challenges.

To revisit these original exercises, the association has been glad to prepare with the help of that formidable network, a collection of publications called “15 years of presence and experiences in African cities”. Prepared for the Africa-France Summit, originally scheduled for June 2020 and postponed to summer 2021, they bring together "looks" on those workshops that have been done so far in Africa, and free contributions around a theme.

The 4 themes are as follows:
› Land and right to the city
› Governance and institutions
› Mobility and transportation
› Cultures and city life

The two first booklets were available, thanks to their editor-in-chief Christophe Bayle (Land and right to the city) and Vincent Bourjaillat (Governance and institutions), and to all the members of Les Ateliers network who contributed to this publication.

We are happy to share with you our third booklet, on the theme "Mobility and transportation", led by its editor-in-chief Jean Grébert. It is as per now available in english only.

In the third booklet, four workshops (Bamako, Douala, Kampala, Porto-Novo) are presented by contributions from Charlotte Klein, Christophe Bayle, Thomas Pendzel and Annet Twinokwesiga, and Luc Raimbault. The second part is based on the transversal analyzes of Herrie Schalekamp (South Africa), Peter Kasaija (Uganda), Virginie Boutueil (France), Hari Haran Chandra (India), and Etienne Saint-Sernin (France).

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