Irkutsk 2014 Russia Irkutsk workshop

Irkutsk 2014 : Development and transformation of urban space

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Russian law establishes a special procedure for reconstruction of the territories occupied by emergency and subject to demolition of multifamily residential buildings.
In fact, all of the costs for the resettlement of dilapidated buildings and the construction of the necessary infrastructure for the development are borne by the investor, which inevitably leads to the construction of high-density residential areas to the existing urban areas.
How to avoid the negative effects of compaction in the development of built-up areas, such as excessive load on the infrastructure of the neighboring areas, the degradation of the urban environment, reducing the attractiveness of constructed residential areas ?

The result of the workshop on "Transformation and reconstruction of the urban environment" will be proposals on the typology of high-density residential development, alternative ways of infrastructure development districts (social, engineering and transport), new patterns of interaction between local governments and investors, which will benefit for the Administration of Irkutsk, for the Government Irkutsk region, for the developers of Irkutsk.

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Konstantin Zdyshev,assistant of scientific pilots of the session
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