León 2013 Mexico Professional workshop

The Metropolitan Area of León - How To Share Land and Landscape

How can fallow land, derelict urban areas and residual spaces contribute to the restructuring of the city and of the conurbation?
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The recent development of the Metropolitan Area of León has created a hybrid space which we can read as a mosaic of different elements with varied uses, identities and sizes ; installed as autonomous elements rather than having been planned on a bigger scale as part of a whole ; a dynamic of individual initiatives based on the market forces and on the availability of spaces.
This politics of growth, where a disjointed puzzle has piece after piece added to it, creates a porous matrix, full of gaps and absences. From this point of view, one possible strategic way of seeing the city will be to rethink the Metropolitan Area of León through looking at its empty spaces, so as to reinforce its cohesion and to give a structure to its complex web ; on the scale of the urban framework of León and the other urban centres of Silao, Purísima y San Francisco del Rincón, and on the wider scale of the whole conurbation.
Given the current dynamic and the trends observed, it is essential to tackle the question of coherence within the conurbation and to understand a landscape, and a shared urban environment, as a common good which transcends the limits of administrative management.

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