Mayotte 2023 France Professional workshop

A desirable future for Mayotte

Balance and resilience of the Mahoran space
  • Un environnement vert - A green environment
  • Habitat informel - Informal housing
  • Côte mahoraise - Mahoran coast
  • Lors de la mission exploratoire - During the exploratory mission
  • Mayotte vu du ciel - Mayotte seen from the sky

Mayotte is an exceptional land. A small volcanic island, it is home to a green and flowery environment, a concentration of biodiversity to be discovered, particularly in the lagoon, one of the largest in the world. French overseas department located at the entrance of the Mozambique Channel, it also is considered as a strategic territory in the Indian Ocean.

Mayotte faces many challenges. Population growth increases the pressure on already saturated infrastructures, ecosystems are threatened by human activities. The population is struck by poverty and insecurity. The constantly growing weight of the capital city Mamoudzou is the cause of multiple congestion and environmental risks, and contributes to the vulnerability of the population.

How to articulate the planning and transport operations towards more balance and resilience, in connection with the various actors who participate in the transformation of the island?

What dialogue to build between formal and informal activites to collectively draw the Mayotte of tomorrow?

How to face the challenges of climate change with the participation of the population, which is particularly young?

And how to integrate the youth into job-creating sectors that may emphasize the assets of Mayotte?

Prepared in partnership with the Department of Mayotte, the French Developpment Agency and the City of Mamoudzou, the international workshop bring together 12 participants from Mayotte and around the world for 10 days, from January 29 to February 7, 2023. After a period of immersion and discovery of the territory, the participants from multiple disciplines work in teams before presenting their proposals to local decision-makers.
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Pilotes :
Céline Rouy, urbaniste, France
Ning Liu, architecte-urbaniste, Chine/France

Equipe Ateliers :
Véronique Valenzuela, directrice des projets, géographe, Chili/France
Simon Brochard, coordinateur, géographe, France

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