Irkutsk 2020 Irkutsk workshop

Redevelopment of uncomfortable city districts with a high share of mixed and industrial use

Zones d’activités, industrielles et mixtes.
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Depressed districts commonly have discordant structure from inside, which,
of course, does not help to build up general positive image of the district.
There is no magic pill to solve all problems at once.
The problem of residential zones in depressed districts commonly consists
in lack of comfortable environment for inhabitants including emergency
condition of residential fund, lack of social infrastructure, badly organized inner
pedestrian connections, undeveloped natural potential of the area.

The initial base for development of this kind of districts were large industrial
factories, which were building residential housing for its employees. Nowadays
part of these factories breaks up into smaller parts and changes specialty.

To find step-by-step solutions for existing problems of the settled areas it
is necessary to define ways, tools and techniques that will provide the most
rational use of the valuable piece urban territory.

This requires answers the following questions:
● What are the ways to “launch” the area to make it come to life?
● How to unite existing functions of the area and necessary comfort for all of its residents?
● What mechanisms of the area development need to be applied here?

The area inside of the city district demand more mindful and careful pproach.
So the city will start to develop by means of inner sources rather than annexing the new areas.
Irkutsk is short of the areas for new development. It means that improvement of the urban environment quality in settled districts continues to be the top priority concern of the city.
Searching for the improvement mechanisms is important goal of this session.


Kutsakova Olesya Yurievna
Head of the Department of Architecture and
Urban Planning of the Committee for Urban
Planning Policy of Irkutsk City Administration