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Choosing the city?

Towards a livable, habitable and desirable city
  • 39e atelier
  • atelier 2018
  • densité intermediaire

The 39th Paris Region International Urban Planning Workshop aims to examine the trends accelerated and revealed by the pandemic: the growing interest in health and well-being, the affirmation of the need for contact with nature, and the emergence of new uses in the dense historical city and the post-war residential districts.

The pandemic has revealed and often accelerated latent urban trends. The successive lockdowns have brought out our needs for space and nature, and their importance to our physical and mental health. At the same time, the fear of contagion caused our disenchantment with places of concentration of people and flows (public transport, busy streets, etc.). It highlighted the limits of densification for inhabitants and the difficulties of having almost all work and exchange places in metropolises.

The prohibitive cost of housing in the Paris Region, as well as the small surface areas and sometimes the lack of outdoor space, make this area even more restrictive for the poorest populations.

The new living conditions have enabled certain households to question their lifestyles and to open up new horizons. Having the choice of where to live and work, finding more peaceful rhythms and living spaces, reclaiming the personal time, taking care of themselves, enjoying the easily accessible little pleasures,...But is this choice offered to everyone?


When the majority of the Paris region inhabitants are willing to move to another region, what factors may we activate in order to remain attractive for the city?

How to make the Paris Region more livable by ensuring new health and environmental co-benefits?

How to make this territory more accomodating by welcoming new uses in public space? What changes should be explored in our ways of living and working?

What are the services that could help make our living environment more desirable?

The workshop will be rooted on a territory in the Paris Region, with the involvement of the local stakeholders.



Ryad ASSELAH — Architect–urban planner, founder and director of the PALIMPSESTE Agency

Gabriella TROTTA-BRAMBILLA — Phd in architecture and urban planning, professor-researcher at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Normandie

Assistant pilots:
Sophia TAOURI — Expert in political science, cultural projects in public space, urban planning and mental health
Mireya Gonzalez Architect, Master student: History the erasmus mundus course technical research, heritage, territories of industry (TPTI)

Permanent team:
Christine LEPOITTEVIN — Director
Véronique VALENZUELA — Director of Projects

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