Island Territories 2021 Reunion Island Professional workshop

Island territories facing climate change - Reunion Island

Living in the biodiversity
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  • L'île de la Réunion vue du ciel (crédits : Serge Galabert)

Les Ateliers de Cergy, in partnership with the French Agency of Development and local stakeholders, are organizing an international urban planning workshop in the Reunion Island, France. This exceptional workshop willl be developed in relation with other islands experts to learn lessons for different island territories. The Reunion Island workshop will be on the topic

Living in the biodiversity
Cultivating the nourishing earth

Reunion Island is a volcanic island in the Indian Ocean, characterized by a grandiose and sharp geography, generating many micro-territories with specific climatic characteristics. This specificity is creating a multifaceted territory, with various geographical features, institutions, cultures. Reunion Island is thus an interactive and lively mosaic, a potential keystone for resilience in the face of climate change.

Beyond climate change, the workshop is also about tackling the global biodiversity crisis. Inhabiting the earth while preserving biodiversity is an issue of ecological transition. This stake is doubled, on this island territory concentrating a variety of “climates” and cultures, of the call to cultivate a diversity of the modes of dwelling (islands in the islands, highs, volcano, savannah, towns, cities, coastal strip, etc.).

How to adapt to climate change while avoiding to reinforce inequalities?

How can interstitial spaces, spaces of post-lockdown times and proximity, provide solutions to climate challenges, in terms of living together and food security?

How to maintain their geographic, landscape, economic and social identity, between preservation, sustainable management and development?

How to build on the local singularities and traditions rooted in geography and history, to support sustainable development on the island model?

What story needs to be invented to allow individual ashesion that fits into each island territory?

How does the endogenous narrative maintain links to the world and can bring dialogue and knowledge exchange?




from Sept. 25, 2021
to Oct. 8, 2021


Scientific pilots - Reunion Island :
Barbara Chénot, urban planner and architect
Frédéric Fourreau, landscaper architect and editor

Scientific pilot - Indian Ocean :
Jean Grébert, mobility expert and architect

Director of projects :
Véronique Valenzuela, geographer and urban planner

Coordinator :
Simon Brochard, geographer and historian