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Moving to the flow of the River Oise

Seeing water as source to dynamize the city (life) in Cergy-Pontoise
  • Bassin de vie de Cergy de Pontoise
  • Les Huit Bio-Régions Franciliennes

The 38th Paris Region International Urban Planning Workshop aims to examine the social and economic value of water and landscapes in the creation of resilient metropolitan and local urban development. Shaped by the sharp twist and turns of the River Oise, the atypical territory of Cergy-Pontoise represents the ideal breeding ground for drawing the outline of a unique urban experience, a vision of the city of tomorrow.

WATER AND THE CITY: Source of inspiration(s)

Main rivers and their tributaries are exceptional places in the geography of a city. Unfortunately, they have long been ignored or relegated to “supportive or productive” functions, whether it be defensive, commercial, logistical or that of waste management. Now, however, with the meteorological, climatic, ecological events and uncertainties of the last decades, along with the recent health crisis, it is clear that the relationship between the geography of water and its host territory must be reexamined in a far more comprehensive manner.

What efficient, active and resilient integration(s) of water can be incorporated into urban strategies, especially as ecological, economic, cultural, social and well-being vectors?

At a time when questions are being asked about the impacts of the health crisis on the design of cities, the strengthening of river navigation and river tourism, the intensification of floods, urban and land pressure, as well as the need to de-densify the city, the long dormant potential of hydrography is being rekindled. As such, the choice of Cergy-Pontoise as an area of study is all the more relevant.

Thanks to its location between the metropolis and the Portes du Vexin, its geographical particularities and its morphological and urban specificities, this territory possesses the ideal characteristics to generate and carry out forward-looking urban experiments.

How can the territory of Cergy-Pontoise take advantage of its unique geographical situation and prove to be a model resilient city?


from Nov. 22, 2020
to Dec. 8, 2020

Workshop from 22th of november to 8th pf December in Cergy-Pontoise, France

Two (2) weeks of team work in Cergy-Pontoise, France. The twenty selected French and international participants will be divided into 3 multidisciplinary teams.

1/ Territorial immersion: Visits around the territory in the company of local stakeholders, combined with thematic conferences and meetings with professionals, specialists in issues relevant to the workshop and civil society.

2/ Team work and moments of exchange: The “exchange forums” allow for an open exchange with local actors and workshop partners on the progress of the teams’ proposals at the half-way point of the session.

3/ Presentation of proposals: The workshop concludes with the presentation of the teams’ proposals to a panel of decision-makers, consisting of territorial representatives as well as French and international experts.

Strict health and barrier measures will be implemented all along your stay with us in Cergy. if you have any question please send us anemail to



Hanaà Msallak Jobbé-Duval, Architect, Urban planner

Bastien Vernier, géographer, Urban planner / fabmanager


Maud Corcoral, Environnementaliste-Urbaniste

workshop's partners