San Pedro 2021 Ivory Coast Professional workshop

From port city to coastal metropolis

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How can the future of a burgeoning coastal metropolis be
envisaged in which economic and social development is balanced

with the responsible management of natural assets?The territory of San-Pédro is characterized by strong geographic features : it’s located on the edge of a lagoon and has a very hilly relief. It is also the second economic center of Ivory Coast and the world's leading cocoa export harbour.

The city experienced a fast development from the 1970s following the state decision to build a major port on this site. Today there are a large number of development projects for this second city of the country.

San-Pédro is facing  many challenges :

-Take into account the strong geographic features, preserve biodiversity and the lagoon.

-Consolidate Greater San-Pédro offering significant employement and economic opportunities on a regional and international scale.

-Create active partnerships between actors: City, Administrations, Port, University, Inhabitants, economic actors…


Applications must be sent as a single PDF file compiling your CV ( 1 page) , a motivation letter and the application form ( downloadable on this page ). The file must be entitled LAST NAME_First and sent before December 1st to  the following adress 

Result announced on December 15th

The workshop is open to all areas of study and expertise! It is aimed at professionals of any nationality or discipline. Town planners, designers, architects, geographers, engineers, environmentalists, landscape designers, artists, économist, etc. are welcome to apply. 

Proficiency in English (must be able to work as part of an international team) and full availability for the workshop dates. Participants will work on a voluntary basis. Nevertheless, the travel to Tirana, the accommodation, the work spaces, all visits, group meals, resource documents, conferences and drawing materials are provided by Les Ateliers. Participants must bring their own computers. 

Strict health and barrier measures will be implemented all along your stay with us.


from Feb. 26, 2021
to March 12, 2021


Workshop Pilots

Halimatou Mama Awal, PhD in Architecture, France-Cameroon
Marc Errera, architect, urban planner- Belgium

workshop's partners