San Pedro 2021 Ivory Coast Professional workshop

From port city to coastal metropolis

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How can the future of a burgeoning coastal metropolis be
envisaged in which economic and social development is balanced

with the responsible management of natural assets?The territory of San-Pédro is characterized by strong geographic features : it’s located on the edge of a lagoon and has a very hilly relief. It is also the second economic center of Ivory Coast and the world's leading cocoa export harbour.

The city experienced a fast development from the 1970s following the state decision to build a major port on this site. Today there are a large number of development projects for this second city of the country.

San-Pédro is facing  many challenges :

-Take into account the strong geographic features, preserve biodiversity and the lagoon.

-Consolidate Greater San-Pédro offering significant employement and economic opportunities on a regional and international scale.

-Create active partnerships between actors: City, Administrations, Port, University, Inhabitants, economic actors…


Workshop Pilots

Halimatou Mama Awal, PhD in Architecture, France-Cameroon
Marc Errera, architect, urban planner- Belgium
Christophe Bayle, architect and urban planner, France
Vincent Bourjaillat, engineer and urban planner, France

Assistants-pilotes :

Yaya Doumbia, physical geographer in climatology and environment, Ivory Coast
Guy Tchakam, urban planner, Cameroon
Terric Jouaillec, géographer and urban planner, France

workshop's partners