Irkutsk 2019 Russia Irkutsk workshop

STUDGORODOK :  Transformation of the campus in Irkutsk.  The program of cultural, socio-economic and spatial development

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The International Baikal Winter University of Urban Planning  looking for master students, PHD, graduates, young specialists, professionals in following fields of activity:
urban planning; landscape architects; architects; urban economics; transport engineering; urban studies urban economy and etc

About Winter University
This program is an original model of training young professionals of various specialties related to urban planning, and allows them to develop a higher level of conceptual thinking, communication, mastery of analytical and design approaches in an international multidisciplinary partnership working with dynamically developing town planning system of the city of Siberia.

Relevance of the topic
The source of technological and cultural development is the city. It creates as it should new types of business met not only the inner requirements but also the ones out of the city and the region – the national and international. It forms the new information exchange systems and modes of transportation, generates the urban culture innovative solutions and various possibilities of new living standards. On modern level of civilization the University has its power to form the city provoking the urban development.

Design of the development concept of Studgorodok* (the territory of the INRTU and the surrounding area), taking into account initiatives and proposals of students and other users of the territory.

1. To identify the spatial potential of the territory and to develop financial and economic mechanisms that will stimulate the social, cultural, entrepreneurial activity of the permanent and temporary users of the territory (Startups, small businesses, local government and real estate areas, partnership, business, etc.)
2. To develop project proposals for the development of the territory under the conditions of the new urban economy
3. To develop the conceptual proposals for planning (including landscaping) of the territory;

Questions of the session 
1. What characteristics and qualities should the campus space possess? 
2. What kind of the environment can provide manifold opportunities for self-fulfillment to all users of the territory? 
3. What approaches can generate the urban environment that will be able to provide a symbiosis of education, business and science? 
4. How to create the urban environment, which will provide interaction and cooperation between students and entrepreneurs using architectural and planning tools? 
5. What is the place, role and functions of the university campus acquire in the third millennium? 
6. What the campus of the Technical University claiming to be the regional leader and a part of the global economy should look like? 
7. What ways and forms of (functional, planning, architectural, organizational and managemental) development of the territory can be suggested in the current urban and economic conditions? 
8. How to connect harmoniously the main missions of the campus, such as education, housing, study, food, sports, leisure and culture?