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Life in metropolitan areas in the 21st century

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The 36th urban workshop of Les Ateliers will take place from the 3rd to the 28th September, 2018.

The topic will be : "Life in metropolitan areas in the 21st century".

This workshop will focus on the evolution of lifestyles and uses in great metropolises.

Les Ateliers is inviting you to explore the way our cities will evolve in the mid and long term in an ambitious workshop. Agriculture, working conditions and jobs, transportation, digital transition : everything surrounding us is changing. Moreover, we have the feeling that everything gets disrupted, with the climate in first place. These evolutions are questioning our current conceptions and is strongly telling us to start thinking and planning tomorrow’s life.

Thus, the topics of gigantism, technological revolutions, or climate change in the cities will be will be the gateways to answer to our topic : What will life be like in the 21st century metropolis ?

Urban planner, architect, sociologist, political scientist, landscape architect, geographer, economist, artist, engineer, etc etc ?

Curious, inventive, creative, with a good team-spirit and autonomous ?

You wish to live a uncommon work experience, with exceptional team thinking and warmth that gathers young professionnal of the whole world ?


Mentor of this session :

Bertrand Warnier - Founder of Les ateliers, Urban Planner

Pilots :

Solenne Sari - Architect, Urban planner

Jean-Michel Vincent - Engineer, Urban Planner

Director of Project :

Véronique Valenzuela - Geographer

Assistant-Pilots :

Simon Brochard - Geographer, urban planner, historian

Priscillia Jorge - Architect, Urban Planner

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