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Towards an inclusive city, Drivers of Social Value and Wealth creation

What are possible urban responses for promoting inclusion by way of the temporary, the informal... ?

What are possible urban responses for promoting inclusion by way of the temporary, the informal... ?

The 35th International Urban Planning Workshop in Cergy-Pontoise is focused on the inclusive city and its spatial and urban responses. How can exclusion be avoided by thinking about cities for all ? What forms of cooperation and mutualisation should be created between the economy, housing, and services ? How can existing processes, whether they be informal or temporary, be valorised in order to facilitate the inclusion of the most vulnerable populations ? We will be considering the city of tomorrow by that which brings it together, in order for the inclusive city to become a driver of value and wealth creation.
The urban challenges of the 21st century, inscribed in the new urban agenda, reveal how it is finally undeniable that we must focus on sustainable urban development, project for the future by integrating its uncertainties, and take action by studying the impact of our actions on the environment.
For many years now, the Île-de-France has found itself confronted by several phenomena that question as much the idea of living together as the region's ability to adapt to change, of which it has become necessary to rapidly address.
Les Ateliers de Cergy proposes to work on the spatial and urban responses by defining the concept of an inclusive city at different sites within the Île-de-France.
How can the city develop a form of harmony that promotes living together, sans exclusion ? The inclusive city unites inhabitants through its public spaces, weaves new links between formal and informal habitats, reconciles multiple temporalities – from states of emergency to those long-lasting and permanent – linking neighbourhood blocks and connecting the centre to the suburbs. The cities of tomorrow should be reconsidered by using human and ecological dynamics as processes in which everyone may find his/her place ; which is to say that these are cities who bring people together, not ones who divide them.

Key concepts : strengthening resilience, social inclusion, dialog between formal and informal, creation inclusion through urban mutability, think temporary uses in long term processes

Some questions for the atelier : How can the territories of the Île-de-France be made capable of welcoming changes and thus promoting opportunities ? How can impermanence and the temporary participate in reestablishing a warm nature of reception in the cities ?* How can the informal and temporary serve as drivers in promoting an inclusive city ?

2017 Workshop Format
During 3 weeks, 21 participants (all selected through an international call for candidates), will be divided into 3 working groups.

1/ The workshop begins with several days of immersion to discover the territory and working topics, including : tours of the territory accompanied by its stakeholders, organised thematic conferences, meetings with professionals, experts in the topics being examined during the workshop, and representatives from the local population.

2/ The workshop then continues with 2 weeks of team work, punctuated by moments of exchange. The 'exchange forums' are open to the public and allow teams to exchange with local actors and workshop partners on the progress of each of their proposals at this mid-point.

3/ The workshop will conclude with presentations by the teams before an international and local jury on 21-22 September 2017.

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