Irkutsk 2017 Russie Irkutsk workshop

Urban rivers rehabilitation as a part sustainable development

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The International Baikal Winter University of Urban Planning invites students, assistants, graduates, young specialists, professionals in following fields of activity :

•urban planning design ;
•landscape architects ;
•architects ;
•urban economics ;
•transport engineering ;
•urban sociology
•urban economy and etc

Registration for participants and assistants is OPEN !

About Winter University

The International Baikal Winter University of Urban Planning Design is open to students of master level minimum and to young professionals under 30. Fluency in English is required.
All nationalities and fields of work are welcome to participate in 18th session of Winter University devoted to "Urban rivers rehabilitation as a part sustainable development" as participants and assistants.

This program is an original model of training young professionals of various specialties related to urban planning, and allows them to develop a higher level of conceptual thinking, communication, mastery of analytical and design approaches in an international multidisciplinary partnership working with dynamically developing town planning system of the city of Siberia.

Relevance of the topic :

An important problem is the degradation of the landscape surrounding the city small water flows, pollution and water quality deterioration of small rivers and streams. But the areas adjacent to the small rivers and flows should not be underestimated since their location and watercourse shape can be forming element of the city building structure. In addition to the historical and cultural potential of coastal areas, the importance of this resorce is defyined by : aesthetic purpose of the river, which has been and remains one of the main factors for the formation of systems of visual city dominants ; the formation of an ensemble building and perception of the architecture of this building as the silhouette of the city ; and panoramic views opening up from the banks of the rivers.

Problems :

The territory of the city of Irkutsk is accounted for a large number of small urban rivers : Kaya, Ushakovka, Creek Valley Dolgaya, Kuzmiha and Bolshaya Kuzmiha. Adjacent territories of the small streams and quays are under destruction turning into garbage dumps and abandoned areas. For unknown reasons a part of the river body of some rivers is placed in the concrete pipes passing underground. Unfortunately, the development of modern society in the world does not exclude the risk of adverse effects on the environment, including the aquatic environment.


  1. To design a conception of development of urban recreational, public and residential spaces on the riverfront areas
  2. To suggest new urban scenarios of recreational, public and residential spaces for riverfront development
  3. To develop the program of implementation of the new urban scenarios in the existing cityplanning conditions of coastal areas
  4. To find instruments to improve the quality of life and attraction of the city by developing the riverfront area


Curator : Valeriia Nuianzina , (Receipt of applications on

Pilots : * Aleksandr Mikhaylov, Professor of Urban Planning Department in INRTU* Olga Ivanova, Deputy Chairman of the Committee - Department of implementing of urban policy

Assistants : * Tatiana Danilova, Architect student, INRTU Daria Chervinskaya (Irkutsk, RUSSIA) - architect Pavel Dorofeev - urban planner - Department of Urban Planning of the Municipal administration