Paris-Region 2015 France Paris-Cergy workshops

A Knowledge- and Innovation-Based City in Western Grand Paris

This workshop looks at Knowledge- and Innovation-Based territories and the virtuous relationships that can be created between economic development, academic and research activities and regional development. What role do these first two play in the development of a territory ? What new methods of studying, teaching, working, producing, and living can we invent in a territory ? What spatial and architectural translations can create these new practices ?

The proposed study area is that of the Grand Ouest of the Paris Metropolis, from Cergy-Pontoise to Versaille. Cergy-Pontoise and the "Confluence" area will be used as the gravitational center and application site. The density of the economic fabric, the multitude of university stakeholders and leaders of numerous development projects present in the region, and the strategic placement between Paris and western Île-de-France come together to make this a prime territory for the expression of creativity and innovation.

Workshop's dates : 7 to 26 September 2015

Information : The fees are only to be paid by the candidates selected to take part in the workshop !