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May 18, 2023

"Metamorphosis" workshop: extension of the call for applications until 30th of June

Exceptional extension for the last places: apply online until 30 June 2023! Economists, town planners, architects, agronomists, ecologists, sociologists, artists, landscape architects and all the thinkers of the city... Take part in the 41st international urban workshop in the Paris Region, a creative and collaborative workshop to build collective proposals with the actors of the city!

The call for applications for the 41st workshop, Metamorphoses, is available. Young professionals and students, apply!

The topic of the workshop

It is a fact now generally accepted around the globe: climate change and the collapse of biodiversity are linked. The effects of this global disruption are exacerbated in cities, which occupy nearly 20% of the Earth’s surface and concentrate more than half of the world’s population. To address this, it is urgent to limit our ever-increasing urban development and the expansion of cities by devising new, more land-friendly development models.

This must happen as cities are increasingly being called upon to become denser in order to accommodate ever-growing populations and to limit urban sprawl. However, a contradiction appears between this objective of densification — which seems unavoidable and which is directly linked to climate change (land preservation) — and the increasingly strong desire to rediscover a link to nature everywhere and for everyone. Does this density model really have a future?

How can we combat increased land artificialization?

Can we improve the quality of life of inhabitants by densifying the city or should we avoid hyper-concentrated centres?

How can we make the city and nature coexist better?

Innovation, creativity, forward planning, collective work

For more than 40 years, the association has brought together around twenty students and young professionals of various nationalities and disciplines each year in September in Paris Region. These participants work on site in multidisciplinary teams and present at the end of the workshop their proposals and strategies to an international jury chaired by local authorities. The teams' proposals combine long-term visions and ideas of illustrated actions, thus composing a range of projects for local decision-makers.

Apply for the workshop!

The workshop is open to students from master level and young professionals up to 30 years old, from all disciplines (urban planning, art, economics, environment, sociology, engineering, architecture, history, architecture, landscape, etc.) and from all nationalities.

Place and date
The workshop takes place in Cergy-Pontoise, and in Île-de-France.
From September 3 to 21, 2023

Mastery of English to be able to work with international teams, full availability on the dates of the workshop, age limit 30 years.

June 30, 2023 - last places available!

Round tables of national and international experts will take place in preparation for the workshop, by videoconference.

Request for information or documentation:

Read the full call for applications and complete the online form to apply, and do not hesitate to write to for any additional information.

  • Picture from the 2018 workshop
  • Picture from the 2018 workshop
  • Picture from the 2018 workshop
  • Picture from the 2018 workshop
  • Picture from the 2018 workshop