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May 15, 2023

First online roundtable of the international workshop "Metamorphosis" on 17 May

As part of the 41st International Urban Workshop in the Paris Region, Les Ateliers is happy to invite you to the cycle of roundtables from May to July. Live translation in English will be available. First roundtable: What spaces for nature in cities? on Wednesday 17 May 2023, from Noon to 2PM (UTC+2)

The fight against artificialization of soils deeply calls into question the suburban model and reminds us the advanyages of collective housing and densification. To respond to current climate and environmental challenges, many initiatives aim to densify cities and play on what already exists.

Densification offers certain assets (reduction of travel, promotion of sustainable modes of transport, creation of social dynamics, reduction of infrastructure costs, preservation of natural spaces on the outskirts of cities). However, attention must be paid to urban forms and the organization of open space so that density does not become synonymous with hyper-concentration. One of the possible paths is to engage in a better land management while renaturing cities and inventing new city/nature relationships, human/non-human living beings. What solutions and what projects can change the city's relationship with its ecosystems?

It will gather experts from Greater Poitiers agglomeration, experts from the Institut pour la Recherche de la Caisse des Dépots, the innovative agency for biodiversity Natural Solutions, with an international participation from our members!

The roundtable will bring together researchers, territories, practitioners and candidates of the workshop around presentations and moments of exchanges. Register and get the link to access the videoconference below.

This roundtable is part of a cycle of three roundtables. The second one will take place on 7 June 2023 and will focus on new modes of life, and evolution of housing and working. Sign in in the website to get the registration form.

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