Aug. 7, 2020

A look back on four international workshops

Ouarzazate, Bangui, Ouagadougou, Kampala: Les Ateliers de Cergy and its network have had the pleasure of taking part in collective efforts on the territorial projects of several major cities in Africa in recent years. The stakeholders and professionals network got stronger and the productions of these workshops were rich and profuse.
  • Aperçu des flyers - overview of the flyers

We know that you may not have enough time to read the whole literature from our workshops. That's why we have conceived a new version of flyers that gives you the opportunity to discover the territory, the workshop specificities, the partners, the teams and their proposals in a click and 3 minutes. A graphical and colorful glimpse to make you travel in these african metropolises. Only the Kampala workshop has benefited from a english version by now.  These documents will be used throughout future workshop missions and other international events. Do not hesitate to share these documents !  We want to thank the pilots and teams from each workshop for their support. 

These four workshops are also presented on the site of "France Ville Durable" in four webpages on "exemplary projects for the sustainable city": OuarzazateBanguiOuagadougou, Kampala (french only).

Find all the documents from the workshops in Ouarzazate,  BanguiOuagadougou and Kampala on the pages of the corresponding workshops.