Feb. 18, 2020

Sommet France Afrique

Les Ateliers at the Africa-France Summit

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Over the course of nearly 20 workshops held in Africa, our association has managed to forge close ties with institutions, professionals, elected officials and experts across many African territories and has participated in the creation of a vibrant network of African urban planning and territorial development professionals.

On the strength of this basis, Les Ateliers and its president Pierre-André Périssol, are excited to participate in the Africa-France Summit in Bordeaux**, whose theme will be “Sustainable Cities and Territories”. This participation will take several forms:

• The exceptional publication of 5 thematic booklets, which will offer a transversal look at the major urban issues affecting the continent. These booklets will be based on the insights of the pilots, members and host territory representatives of the workshops held in Africa over the last fifteen years. The themes of these five booklets will be Land and the Right to the City; Mobility, Infrastructure and Development; Cultures and Societies; Environment and Adaptation to Climate Change; and Governance and Urban Strategies.

• Organization and participation in conferences and panel discussions at the Cité des Solutions, a trade show devoted to projects for sustainable cities and territories. This will be an opportunity to mobilize our network of members and partners so as to enrich the debates and to valorize our experience.

• Physical presence at the Cité des Solutions, in collaboration with our partners (format to be determined).

Members and partners, starting now, we invite you to follow Les Ateliers’ participation at the Africa-France Summit on our website and to take part in this important moment in the life of Les Ateliers.