April 27, 2019

Call for application : assistants for the Workshop in Kampala, Uganda

Les Ateliers looking for to 2 International assistants for the organization of an International Urban Planning Workshop in Kampala, Uganda, From June until November 2019
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Les Ateliers de Cergy is a non-profit association created in 1982 at the behest of the urban planners involved in the creation of the New Town of Cergy-Pontoise. Today, it is an international network of professionals, academics and decision-makers tied to the field of urban planning. Focused on the practice of urban development, the association organizes workshops envisaged as spaces for collective design and creativity. In France and elsewhere, these workshops provide project managers with an international perspective and illustrated proposals highlighting territorial strategies and urban development projects. By bringing together different professions and cultures, they also offer the opportunity to question ways of learning and exchange at the highest levels.

Kampala enjoys a unique geography : its many hills are shaping a singular landscape and a strong structure to the city, the shores of the lake Victoria open up leisure and productive perspectives, its fertile soils and climate allow a luxurious flora, and its wetlands are precious ecosystems.

These true assets are nevertheless endangered by great challenges the city is facing: the demographic pressure means the Uganda’s capital city will host more than 10 millions inhabitants by 2040. This unplanned growth is source of environmental threats and has pushed residents to take development of their hands.

Thus, informality in Kampala is not just about housing, it is about transport, economic activities and urban development in general. While informality has obvious costs, it also shows the great resourcefulness and entrepreneurship capacity of is residents. What structural changes and urban infrastructure are necessary not only to unleash the residents’ entrepreneurial capacity but also to minimize the city’s costs in the long term? How can the city build on its natural and human assets in a way that they are not seen as a problem but as tools to meet its urban needs?

Les Ateliers requires external support for the scientific preparation and organization of these workshop. For Kampala’s workshop Les Ateliers will chose two assistants for the workshop.

For more details on this Workshop and to apply download the attached document